Simplenote sync and wordcount

In recent builds of Scrivener, including current beta (9981), daily project word targets are not affected by edits to documents synced to Simplenote. For example, if I create a new text document while on the bus (a common action for me) of, say, 100 words and then sync it into my thesis project, these 100 words are not reflected in my daily word count. The project total is affected, but not the daily total. Even if synced to a non-draft folder in the binder (which I do) and then move the text into the draft, the daily target is not affected. In order to get around this, I have to cut and paste the new text into a document.

This is different from behaviour earlier in the year - words typed in Simplenote used to be reflected in my daily target. I experienced great joy discovering this trick, it led to a marked increase in my public transport-based typing.