Simplenote sync > delete files in Scrivener?

I’m using Simplenote to read the text files that I need to filter for a Scrivener project. (See for my protocol.)

When I delete a file in Simplenote, and then sync the files within Scrivener, is there any way to ask Scrivener then to delete the files from that project? I have read 13.1 in the manual (the chapter on Cloud Integration and Sharing) and it seems that syncing with Simplenote is designed to make changes to your documents. I appreciate this, but does that preclude using Simplenote to winnow my files, too?


What you deduce is correct. With the exception of Index Card, the sync methods are all purely about content synchronisation, not project management. Even Index Card is not about project management, and is more focussed on organisation than content, but even it will not delete items from the project.

If you want a good way to winnow stuff from Simplenote, I’d employ your own workflow for doing so, one that is less risky than having Scrivener trash items for you, anyway. Simply add something easy to search for and type in at the top of the file, like DEL. Then in the project, create a saved search collection that looks for that. Now you can quickly find everything you’ve marked to remove by loading up that collection tab, selecting all, and using Cmd-Del to move them to the Trash.