Simplenote Sync "hang"?

When I choose File > Sync > With Simplenote the “Getting Simplenote Files” panel opens with a frozen progress bar and stops. Need always to proceed to Change Settings, enter the password, and go forward from there. The password is never kept (“Remember in keychain” is not remembered), which might be the problem but maybe not. I always manage to accomplish the sync after these steps, but maybe it would be best if that first panel weren’t there.

v2.0.2 on SL 10.6.5

(Pardon if this is answered elsewhere. I didn’t find the where else.)

Try creating a new dummy project for testing - does it happen there too, or only with the one project? If only with the one project, if it’s not too large, could you zip it up and send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com? If you can, I’ll take a look in the New Year (I’m officially on holiday until them… :slight_smile: ).