Simplenote sync

Two questions about Simplenote sync:

  1. I love the ability to sync, but do I really have to go through the whole setup process (File/Sync with Simplenote) every time I sync? I would have hoped it would be an automatic sync (say, every time I open that file in Scrivener), or that would be a sync button or something. This is cumbersome and against the ethic of SimpleNote, which is invisible background syncing.

  2. What do I do about how Simplenote omits lines between paragraphs? SN seems to strip out lines, which is annoying. Is there a good setup for this to avoid this? Right now my paragraphs all sort of run together.

Many thanks. Big big love for Scrivener! I think it should be Time’s Person of the Year.



  1. Scrivener won’t automatically sync, no, so you will need to sync manually. You really wouldn’t want Scrivener checking online for changes with Simplenote files every time you make an edit. And you are syncing between two very different systems here, so having them syncing at all is quite something. :slight_smile:

  2. I don’t see how Simplenote strips out lines, I’m not sure what you mean there. But if you actually like having blank lines between paragraphs in Scrivener, then obviously you should ensure that “Remove blank lines between paragraphs in imported notes” is deselected in the Simplenote sync import pane.

All the best,