Simplenote synced text, semicolons transformed

I notice that any text that syncs via Simplenote is OK, except all semicolons are transformed to “=&” (without the quotes).
Wondering if this is just me, or is anyone else experiencing this?

Hmm, they appear fine for me - although I only checked on the Simplenote online app so far. What did you open the file in? That is, on the iPad or iPhone app or elsewhere? Make sure you have the latest version of Simplenote, because syncing changed between Simplenote 1.x and Simplenote 2.0, and character such as semi-colons get encoded differently for Simplenote 2.0, so that could be the issue if you still have Simplenote 1.x.

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I opened it on an iPhone 3GS, using Simplenote version 3.0.5.

Curious. Is anyone else seeing this?

I still can’t reproduce this at all. Which build of Scrivener are you using? You’re not on an early beta of 2.0 somehow are you? This bug existed in a private pre-release beta but was fixed before release…

I tried all of my old tricks for causing this problem—back when it first surfaced and everything looks clean.

Could you screenshot your settings Nevdev? Not that this should make a difference, but at least we’d be somewhat on the same page.

Again, none of this should theoretically make a difference, but:

  1. Did you type these semicolons in, or were they copy and pasted from somewhere else
  2. Were they added in Simplenote, or in Scrivener