SimpleNote syncing

I work primarily on a Windows machine and I’m trying to sync SimpleNote with Scrivener so I can edit on my IPad Pro. I’ve watched the training video but I cannot see how to set up the connection with SimpleNote in Scrivener.

Any guidance would be appreciated

This feature was never added to the Windows version (and very likely never will be, since most everyone that would want to use it would be happier with a copy of Scrivener that can run on the iPad natively—currently in beta testing, and yes it will work with Windows).

Thanks for your reply Amber. Does the video in the Help section only refer to Scrivener for Mac as that wasn’t clear to me.

I agree that Scrivener for ipad pro would certainly make life a lot easier :confused:

You know what, if you visit that site from anything other than a Mac, then it is supposed to show a little warning at the top of the page stating that the videos below are primarily all demonstrating how to do things on the Mac. I put in that little switch years ago and never really thought about how iOS is considered “a Mac” by the platform detection (I use iOS about as much as I use a Palm Pilot under normal circumstances, obviously right now is an exception!). So someone could have their iPad beside their PC and fail to get the warning. I’ve added a note to just make that warning visible for everyone, if I can’t easily distinguish between iOS and Mac that is.

Sorry for the confusion!

It may not include Simplenote feature now or in the future, but isn’t there another way to still access them, via external folder route?

Yes, that capability will be around in the next big upgrade, it’s a useful tool for many things, not just remote editing with stuff that can access a share folder. You can use the feature to collaborate with a non-Scrivener user for example, or even just file notes as text files to yourself for the next time you boot the project up (that’s probably the main thing I use it for, as a pseudo-inbox for when the project is closed or I’m on another computer).