Simplenote syncs out of order

When I select a Scrivener folder and it’s document contents, all sync fine.

BUT, the documents are no longer in order.

As my folder is a chapter and its constituent documents chapter sections (in order), this document mixing and matching drives me nuts!

Any suggestions re. getting things in order upon syncing?



It does it on mine too. It can be annoying, but I tend only to download a handful of documents at a time (those I know I might be working on in the near future) so I don’t find it a problem.

Do you know what order they do appear in? I’ve never paid it much attention but I’m guessing it can’t be random.

I’m not sure who you’d go to for a solution. It may be a function of how Simplenote is set up to work with Scrivener or something more basic to Simplenote itself.

When I sync a Scrivener project’s Draft folder to an external folder, say, the folder for the iPad PlainText app on Dropbox, I’m presented with an option for Scrivener to add a numerical prefix to each file. This is necessary for the 179 text plain text files that result, otherwise they would be in alphabetical order (not what I want).

But this option is not present when I sync with Simplenote. I wonder why…

EDIT: I just poked around in Simplenote’s account settings on line. There’s an option for Simplenote to sort notes by date modified, date created, or alphabetically. I also note that their premium account ($19.99 a year) allows for Dropbox syncing, which would then allow Scrivener to put numerical prefixes before the file names per the sync to external folder options.