Simpler commenting

I find this workflow to be overly annoying in terms of my finger practice. I copy lots of comments from scribophile, where I get all the feedback, to scrivener (to keep it at my fingertips) and I figured there are two major issues I have:

  • Comment creation

I need to press cmd+shift+8 to create a comment and then cmd+shift+opt+v to paste the text from the browser (unformatted, to keep the styles uniform).

Rinse-and-repeat this is very annoying. I was able to script this away with better touch tool, but it would be nicer if it was a native scrivener hotkey I guess.

  • Comment re-colouring

I like to mark additions / edits / removals / notes in different comment colours. Unfortunately there’s no hotkey to select a colour. If it was, I could have tried to integrate it into an automated workflow, but for now, I have to get to the trackpad, click the comment and select the colour. It’s a very slow process.

For .“Paste and Match Style” (or whatever it’s called; I’m on my iPad so I can’t check the exact wording), why don’t you change over the keyboard shortcuts for that and ordinary “Paste” in the System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts pane. I have done that globally, but you can do it for Scrivener only if preferred, so Cmd-V gives me “Paste and Match Style”.

You can also set your own for the inspector comments in the same way, but the problem is to find a suitable unused key combination. The list of all the shortcuts used in Scrivener is available, I think in the manual or the online help, but some while back, I posted a version of the list ordered by the final letter, number or cipher to make it easier to find unused combinations. You can use the forum search to find it (use advanced search and limit it to me as author). However, the simplest combination will be to set something using Control with whatever letter suits your fancy, as that is highly unlikely to clash with anything in Scrivener for Mac.



You can change the default shortcut as Mark suggests (I do myself), but you can also simplify some of your process by doing it at the end in one go.

i.e.: simply copy and paste in the normal way and don’t worry about the formatting yet. Then at the end of the session, highlight all the documents you’ve commented upon and go into scrivenings mode. Select the comments pane – they’ll all be listed. Click on the top one, shift-click on the bottom one, they’re all selected. Right-click > ‘Convert to default formatting’.

Then select all the ones you want to be blue (etc) and right-click > Blue (etc…).

Saves doing them all one by one.

Getting a little more specific with the suggestion to simplify the Paste-and-Match-Style shorcut… is CMD-SHIFT-V taken by anything else? If not, you could hold CMD-SHIFT down and tap 8 and then v, which would be pretty simple with minimal changes, and it would be even simpler than doing a normal paste, since you don’t have to release the modifier keys like you currently do with either of the paste shortcuts available by default.

Apparently not, see for yourself! :wink:

Mac Scriv keys by cipher.pdf (49.1 KB)