{Simpletext} SIMPLENOTE : auto sync or manual ?

Hi, … SO Sorry guys … I referred to SimpleText … when I should have referred to Simplenote.

I have Scrivener working with SimpleNOTE, but I cannot suss whether the sync happens automatically over time or does it always have to be done manually each time ?

It’s been a long time since I’ve used that, I take it you’re running your own Simpletext server, since there are no official ones left that I know of? At any rate, I believe the process was more along the lines of getting text files off of the Simpletext.ws server as a one-way form of import, rather than two-way integration. I don’t think there was ever a way of writing files to it. It was mainly meant as a way to take notes on the go.

Very sorry AmberV. Some kind of braindead moment for me … I have no idea why but I referred to Simpletext … and should have said Simplenote.

I have edited the subject and original post for later searchers. I hope that is ok.

In that case yes, you need to sync it yourself. There is no automated sync since the process is slow (especially if you have thousands of notes and a slow connection). So just run it when you sit down and before you leave the computer for best results.

Ok. Thanks for that.

Wow … are you serious ? Do people use it to sync many files ?

I am using it to sync three Plot Notes ext files so that I can jot down ideas on plots and sub plots when I am out and about. I cannot grasp why anyone would do this.

Well, a heavy user of Simplenote might indeed have a lot of notes, if they use it as much as one might use DEVONthink, or Evernote to jot down stuff and capture research. It’s the total note storage that matters, not how many are being used by the project specifically—that’s the problem, there is no way to find notes related to the project without trawling through your entire Simplenote account, and that must be done each and every time to account for changes since the last sync.

I get it. Makes more sense thanks :slight_smile: