there was import capability added to Scrivener for a cloud service the iPhone app writeroom syncronizes with. Just weeks after that, the online service changed to and I cannot get import into Scrivener working, has this feature been abandoned weeks after it´s introduction or am I missing somethings? Thanks!

The last few posts in this thread should help you.


thanks for finding this! seems support will be added sooner or later then…

Hi beru,

Did you read Keith’s most recent post on that thread I linked to? I don’t use Writeroom any more, but my understanding is that you don’t have to wait for support to be added. If you download the version of Scrivener still apparently available at the bottom of this page it will do what you want.


Yes, thanks. I will probably need the import in about 3 months from now, so for now I will just wait for the 1.45 update :slight_smile: