Simplified inclusion of header/footer elements?

When I set up my headers and footers in Scrivener, I find that I often need to go dig into the manual to look up the tokens for specific header/footer elements. I’m going to copy the tokens into a permanent scratch pad note so that I can keep them handy, but is there a better solution? Can you include all the tokens as a reference within the program? Or maybe you could simplify it even further by allowing us to add/format elements through drag & drop (similar to final draft) or by clicking on buttons or selecting from a dropdown menu? If one is not familiar with BBCode or Markdown, the current method is very alien.

There’s not really a good way of allowing for drag and drop of this sort of thing, because of the space available and the number of potential tags - although that is a good idea for the future, as I agree that it can seem a bit alien. However, there is already a reference available - just to go to Help > Placeholder Tags List… to bring up a list of all available tags.

All the best,

Fantastic. As usual, you guys are two steps ahead of me. Thx.