simplified instructions, please!!!!

The writer of the program understands the way it works. But the documentation (tutorial) does not indicate how to do the simplest tasks, i.e., make a sub-folder. I have my 62 pages imported from Word, but I cannot look up “how to” and I have been trying to use this on my Mac and now on my PC for a year. Is there a diagram or something that outlines the most basic elements?

A full manual is already in the works, and once prepared will probably be around 250 to 300 pages in length. The tutorial is also a work in progress, but we thought it would be a good idea to have something out there from the start–even though it is beta software, and beta hardly ever has any documentation at all. Despite being tailored for the Mac, you might try downloading the current PDF from the support page on our site and going through the Quick Tour, which is meant to get you started with basic usage without going over a huge variety of features, focussing more on the fundamentals. You’ll need to translate some menu positions and keyboard shortcuts, but the basic techniques are going to be nearly identical.

To answer your immediate question, to make a subfolder, you place your cursor in the binder at the appropriate spot and use the “New Folder” command. Or, alternatively, you drag an existing folder on top of its new parent folder.

(At least that’s how the Mac version does it.)

Not so different from how tools like Windows’ own file manager work.


In Windows,
Select something in the binder (click it)
CTRL+UPARROW to move up one “row” in the binder, and CTRL+DOWN to move down one “row” in the binder.

To make a new text item, CTRL+N
To make a new folder, CTRL+ALT+N

That’s pretty straightforward