Since .17, the application freezes for a few seconds after every format change

Since .17 update, I cannot scroll or click anywhere for a few seconds after making any format change. (and I’ve been making a lot of format changes)

But this is an improvement over the past few days, where the screen faded to white with the little spinning circle that means it’s about to crash. It never crashed, and no data was lost, but it meant waiting 5 or so seconds for it to restore to working condition after every change… glad that’s not happening today.

It shouldn’t be doing that. However, these can cause both of those behaviors (not saying they are, but they can):

  • Synchronizing your save folder with any external service while Scrivener is running.
    – Turn off sync before you start editing, and turn it back on once you’re done. Else, every time Scrivener updates the file (which is every few seconds), it makes the sync software resync, which can lock the file so Scrivener can’t write for those few seconds, and if Scrivener can’t write, it waits until it can. At least, I think that’s what happens. You can minimize the behavior by simply not allowing Scrivener to write until it’s had 15 seconds without input, but you run a slightly greater risk of a crash with unsaved data.

  • Low Drive Space (less than 20-30%, depending on your drive).
    – To test this, move some stuff off of your drive and see if the behavior improves. Even SSD’s need a chunk of free space, or they have less room to write to, so writes take longer. This is perhaps especially true with Scrivener due to its file/directory structure.

To that I’d add, if each of your documents is very large, or if you have large or a lot of images, that can slow down the automatic saves. Scrivener was designed to work best with the draft split up into small sections/scenes which are stitched together on compiling, or concatenation in “Scrivenings Mode”. As a Mac user, I don’t know if they’ve yet managed to make it possible to edit across scrivenings in the Windows version.