Since upgrading files to Scrivener 3.0 Can't get them to sync on my iPhone Scrivener app

I finally bit the bullet and upgraded all my active Scrivener files to 3.0 and all has gone well with one exception. I cannot get them to sync from my dropbox folder to my iPhone Scrivener app? Do I need to upgrade the app to a 3.0? I need help syncing them. I’ve followed the video instructions several times but without syncing occurring. When I click the re-link dropbox, I can find the files but when I click to sync them I just get a constantly spinning wheel and eventually the app closes down without any files being synced.

Can someone help guide me through this process?


Can you confirm that the projects are getting from the Mac to the Dropbox server?

What version of iOS do you have? Apple appears to have fixed a known bug that affected syncing in iOS 13.4.

A troubleshooting guide for synchronization can be found here: … os-syncing


I can see the files in my Scrivener app on my iPhone. (see attached screenshot) I see the files when I the Other option of choosing a Dropbox folder. I created an Apps folder, then a Scrivener folder in it, and placed the files in that. I did that from my Macbook. Wondering if that might have been the wrong way to do it.

If that was incorrect, how do I proceed to correct the error?

my iOS version is 13.3.1

I read over the troubleshooting guide but did not find anything that resolved the issue.

Thanks for your help.

Oops. forgot the attachment.

Update to iOS 13.4
The latest version has fixed something that broke in earlier versions of iOS 13

Lunk, Updating to the newest iOS seems to have done the trick. My files are now synced on my iPhone.

Thanks for your help. It’s much appreciated.