Since upgrading to iOS 10.0.2 iPad scrivener and Dropbox do not backup

Since upgrading to iOS 10.0.2 iPad scrivener and Dropbox do not backup. The Dropbox screen pops up and quickly goes away without doing a backup. Please advise!

Thank you

Have you tried resetting the Dropbox sync cache in Scrivener’s system Settings panel yet?


I’m using an iPad I’m not familiar with resetting sync cache, I looked at my options and do not see that choice. There are three choices, there is a sync on close, but does not help.

Ok, I found the sync cache under reset scrivener, but it didn’t solve the issue!

All right, have you confirmed that changes are in fact not syncing, using another device or computer? I’m wondering if what you’re seeing is just normal, as in the whole project isn’t uploaded every time you sync, only the pieces you change. If hardly anything is changed, then sync will go by very quickly.

This is a bit concerning. Have others gone to 10.0.2 and still thrived?

I have upgraded to 10.0.2 and to Sierra, and it never occurred to me that it wouldn’t work, so to make sure I worked a bit on a project I have and… no problems whatsoever.

Thanks. I’ll give it a go when I can and report back.


This is not about syncing. I need to do a backup of the project as a zip file to a Dropbox folder.

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Sorry for misposting!

Addaellis: It appears that Jackxx’s issue is with creating a .zip compressed backup on the iOS version of Scrivener. So the issue you’re having isn’t related.

To avoid letting their issue be burried by responses to yours, could you maybe start a separate thread and copy & paste your post there?

Yes, sorry! I’ve moved it and removed it from above just in case!

Has anyone using an iPad that has upgraded to iOS 10.0.2 tried to do a zip backup to dropbox?

In that case, this thread might describe what you’re seeing. Note: toward the bottom a workaround is provided.

Ok, the workaround does work for me. Just split screen with any other app and it will zip backup to Dropbox.

This is not an acceptable alternative in any way. Just meaning that hopefully scrivener will be working diligently on an update.

Thank you

Of course not, I mean that as a tip for getting your work safe in the meantime until the bug fix comes out.