Sinchronizing Scrivener and a PC

I desperately need something Scrivener-like in my PC. I’ve tried every software recommended on the software for PC page, but I don’t seem to like anyone (they’re not Scrivener, that’s enough :confused: ). But I still need to find a reasonable solution to write a project on a PC (that’s not negotiable).

Is there any software at all that I can synchronize somehow to Scrivener, through DropBox or something? I would like to be able to work on my project both on Scrivener at home and on the PC at my job, perhaps on PageFour. Has anyone done anything like this?

Please, I really need your advise.

You wouldn’t believe what I saw on my PC today. :slight_smile:

I don’t know Kevin, I might. Want to tell us?

It wasn’t blue.

Tossing a red herring like that onto the table will always get you called Kevin. :mrgreen:

Red, blue… No fish around here. What I saw had a distinct corkboardy tinge to it. :open_mouth:

Please… please… tell me there is already a Scrivener for PC. I’ll do beta testing, I’ll take any risks necessary, but I need Scrivener on my awful PC. That would save me from an awful death induced by the lacking of Scrivener syndrome. Please…

…And if one does come out, I’d buy copies for my computer-challenged friends.

As things stand, cor_stellae, I copy the piece of scene I’m on in Scrivener into RTF format (or paste into a PM draft here), and then work on that while on a PC, then copy the results back into Scrivener when I get home.


It is the stiff green fish that you really need to be worried about.

Although any fish stuck to your office cork board should be approached with suspicion.

Keep your eyes peeled - more news later today. Maybe. No fish will have been harmed in the video we intend to show, though. :slight_smile:

It’s a little bit more complex than a scene, Caradee… it’s more like a whole manual, with a lot of reference material in it. It grows slowly, bit by bit, one question at a time, in no real order. I also use DevonThink Pro to keep the database, but having both Scrivener an DTP on a PC would be heaven, and PC computers are created to be used in hell :imp: .

So, at least, if I had Scrivener… Have you ever tried to emulate full screen view on Word? I have. Not a pretty thing to remember :cry: … Besides, I want a real revolution. I want all my fellow editors use Scrivener as well as our authors… I want to change the world, mua ha ha ha ha… :mrgreen:

One should always approach the lutefisk with Suspicion, and no plate.

Although one could consider the afore mentioned abomination to their advantage in certain dueling situations.

I find this sentiment* odd. What if, in it’s current state, it sorts all of your words into alphabetical order, or deletes ever other document in your project whenever you open it? Or consider any of a thousand other possible bugs that can mess up your work… The clamor for being in a beta program for something as precious as one’s writing baffles me.

Of course, I’m not at all interested in doing anything creative on a Windows machine, so maybe I just don’t understand the desperate state of affairs that is writing on a PC.

  • The sentiment of wanting to use crashy beta software, not of wanting Scrivener on a PC. I get that even as I sigh in relief that I no longer tread those windows-y paths of shadows and confusion. :slight_smile:

Having Scrivener back at home, in my Mac, and come every week day to work on a horrible Virus Vista PC can make you feel as desperate as I am, especially if you have a writing project in hands. Beta testing might be risky, but sounds better than the agony of being forced to use Word.

Reading between the lines, and inferring from recent changes in the structure of the L&L forums, it would seem that … well I won’t even be able to watch the video, so I’ll have to wait on the event …