Single and double quotes

Hi Keith,

I find that «Scrivener"s quote “management” is great.»

My only concern is about apostrophe character.

I thought a lot about it, and I came to the conclusion that if Scrivener had the possibility to set less-than and greater-than characters as « and » respectively, it would be much better, than the usual keyboard combination (that make you stop writing without looking at the keyboard) all the time long.

So, instead of transforming " in « or in », you just make the same magic on < key.

One more solution that fits perfectly for Italian language, but not for English should have hardcoded a rule that if single-quote character was not near a blank or a punctuation, than it’s not transformed in double quote, if set that way. [In English language you find apostrophe at the end of a word like in «One of the writers’ habit is to never look at the keyboard»]

One more thing. With two monitors fullscreen mode is not showing always the disappearing menu. Maybe you can make it visible with a keyboard shortcut?


I’m afraid I have no plans to add any smart-quote features to < or > at the moment, as it could get a little bogged down.

As for the full screen control panel not appearing - could you please give me more details? e.g. What resolutions are the main and secondary screens running at? I have heard of this problem from couple of users but have yet to reproduce it so am just trying to gather information on how to do so.