Single book website software for long-running series

I’m writing a series style book, one episode each chapter. About 15 chapters ready, many in dreft, with a likely 700K+ word count (100+ chapters) when complete.

I’m looking for website software to make a single book available by subscription. What I need should have view-before-subscribing pages and preview book/part/chapter view-immediate or download. Prefer something based on Laravel/Symfony but can do WordPress et al, with template modified for background Latex processing to produce differing page formats. It should have a payments API that allows cryptocurrency as well as conventional payments. Subscribers should be able to read online or download in a format of their choice, especially PDF.

Thoughts/advice? Anything near my quest?

Also looking for a good cover designer, and a super-hero style cartoonist* (to illustrate characters rather than make comic strips).

  • No, not a cartoonist that’s into capes, red wellie boots and wears underwear on the outside — but hey, I’m not prejudiced if they do