Single File Version Restore Question

I use Scrivener for iOS. Also have a Mac. I sync with Dropbox. It works fine.

I had a scare this morning – I thought I deleted the contents of a file (turns out I accidentally created a new file, which had a few lines from my old file–my complete old file was still there, probably I hit command-N). So there was no problem no data lost.

Before I figured out that it was a non-issue, I went to Dropbox find the file “scene 4” and restore it. I’m using the script format US template. But I didn’t see that file in Dropbox.

If it comes up in the future, how do I restore an older version (like, yesterday’s) of a file from Dropbox, which stores the last 5 revisions of any file?


You don’t. You use the built in backup function in Scrivener, which is explained in the manual.

Okay, thank you. I did not realize I had that option of creating a backup in the iOS version. Sounds like I’ve been lucky so far.

I can only find the iOS Tutorial, which doesn’t mention how to create a backup. Sorry for such a basic question, but could somebody please tell me how to find the user manual for iOS? I don’t find it on this page: … ivener_iOS

Once I have the manual, I’ll read it and get up to speed on creating backups in iOS.


You’ve read everything there is - the tutorial is the manual on iOS (I think lunk is assuming you’re using the desktop version too).

On iOS, you can make a backup in the projects screen by tapping “Edit” and then share to send a zipped backup of your project somewhere.

With regard to Dropbox, the file will be hard to find because all text files are called “content.rtf” and stored inside a folder with a unique UUID inside the .scriv package. So it would be easiest to (1) make a copy of the project and then (2) restore the whole project package on Dropbox. You could then export the file from the restored version and import it into the copied version. Which admittedly doesn’t sound as easy as it could be and might need some thinking about on our part for iOS-only users.

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Oups, sorry, my mistake. :blush:
Yes, I assumed you used a desktop version too.

Great, thanks Keith and Lunk. This is helpful. I can now see a few ways to make sure I’m covered in future.