single or multi-projects?

I understand the owner’s intent for the program to be singl project based. However, it certainly seems to me that it wouldn’t be a stretch to keep all open writing projects open in a single scriv project (multiple draft folders, multiple research folders etc).

My alternative is to use something like MacJournal or even Mori to juggle/manage all my projects and then dive into Scriv for each one.

How are the majority of writers out there using Scriv? 1 to 1 or all projects inside of one scriv project?

I have to say I absolutely fell in love with the interface and would not like to jump out of it if I don’t have to.


I just posted a long response that addresses this exact issue. If you are interested, you can check it out here: … php?t=1533


As an MMD user, there is really no feasible way to keep multiple writing projects in one all inclusive Scrivener project, because the configuration and meta-data information relating to the way something is published; the title of the work; date; and other such things are all stored once in the project. You cannot have different sets of meta-data for different parts of the Draft tree.

That’s truly unfortunate. It would be the icing on a fantastic program in my opinion. OK - Macjournal for keeping track of everything. Scriv for each project…

Maybe I"ll move this to a feature request for v2 or 3.


I’m currently working with one .scriv file per major topic. I might have several writing projects related to a given topic, or just one. Doing it this way makes it easy to re-use sections where needed, but keeps the research file from becoming unmanageably huge.

I use DevonThink Pro for the huge comprehensive research database, and pull individual references into Scrivener as needed for a particular project.


I just posted a reply on another topic that also deals with this issue.

Yeah, Katherine describes my issue as well. When I tried to house everything in one db, it got unmanageable. I also split things up pretty much the way she described, including the use of DT for mass storage. MMD is not an issue for me, as I don’t use it and can export things just fine when needed.

So I guess the answer is for some uses and for some people, multiple projects work in a single Scr. file! I would never want to house major projects in anything but their own Scr. file, however, since there is a LOT of extraneous stuff, notes, idea development, research, whatever, that ends up associated with a large project. I can’t believe the amount of crap, er, stuff that my dissertation generated! It would be a mess to have more than one of those going at a time in the same db!


The best repository for “everything” is a database with AI features, like DevonThink Pro. Every piece of data we collect usually has multiple uses, either within one project or related to several others. I don’t know MacJournal, but I doubt it has the capabilities of DTP or even DevonNote, which is versatile and inexpensive.

DTP always struck me as a program that I’d have to change to work with it, vs. it working the way I think. The reason I love scriv so much is that it “feels” right. Maybe I need to take another look at DTP…thanks,


[Brief use of internet whilst on holiday in Norway:]
I don’t think it is really possible for a program to be really good at both single project and one-big-database functionality. Scrivener was designed from the ground up with the idea that you would be working towards one piece of work in each project that would be published in some way once it was complete. Hence the “Draft” folder, which is a central concept in Scrivener. Many, many design decisions would have been different were I designing a database type app. But if I’d wanted a place for everything, I would have used DT and never created Scrivener in the first place…

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