Single script page view

Hi All
I would like to view just the document on my screen - no inspector, no sidebar, nothing. How do i do that please?

Thank you

This is what Composition Mode is for. View → Enter Composition Mode.

Note that Composition Mode’s appearance settings are independent of the settings for the main editor. Scrivener → Preferences → Appearance → Composition Mode to change them.

You can also turn off the Inspector and Binder while remaining in the main Editor. Relevant options are in the View menu starting with View → Hide Binder.


Thank you, Katherine
Any way to turn the page white?

And also any advice on numbering the pages of a script?

Thanks again

To turn the page white, adjust the Composition Mode prefs under Appearance:

To see page breaks, you have to be in Page View, which is not avaialble in Composition Mode.

FWIW, Page View isn’t really accurate for screenplays. It’s a rough approximation.

If you want exact screenplay page counts, I recommend using a free screenplay editor like WriterSolo and either pasting your pages into Scrivener, or saving an FDX file and importing them into Scrivener.