Single section not included in compile on windows (works on iPad)

I’m using Scrivener for school papers. On one paper, the second section is not being included in the compiles. I’ve make sure that it’s checked to be included in both the compile screen and the metadata, but it won’t show up.

It works just fine on my iPad, and other projects work fine on my windows desktop.

Scrivener Version: (1463331) 64-bit - 03 Nov 2021
Windows 10

Check to see if perhaps you may have assigned it a different section type. (? Just a guess.)
I don’t know how the version of Scrivener works on Ipad, but perhaps you have your compile format set differently. Having the two sections assigned different section type, and therefor likely different layouts, the one for the second section of your work might lead to a “no content compile”.

The other option is to see if something got corrupted. duplicate a section that is compiled and delete writing and paste in the writing from the section that did not compile and rename leaving the file settings unchanged and see if that compiles.

@Vincent_Vincent they’re all the default section type

@GoalieDad Thanks for the suggestion, but that didn’t work, but it let me to an answer.

I have a title page section, then repeat the title at the top of the introduction - if I remove the repeated title, the section compiles. If I leave in the repeated title, it does not. It also messes up the formatting for my title page - but that’s different.

Annoying, but I can work with it.