Sinking power button on MacBook Pro...

Has anyone else noticed a minor cosmetic problem with their MacBook Pro’s power button? Mine sinks in slightly on the left. I noticed it two or three months ago and it hasn’t got any worse; I only noticed it again today because I bought my partner a new MBPro and am transferring data over to it, and noticed its lovely flat (non-sunk) power button. It doesn’t seem to be a big deal and it’s only sunk about a millimetre, and it does seem common (e.g. this thread), but I just wondered if any other users have seen this - or whether it’s just me and my bad luck with MacBooks. (Typically, I just realised that my warranty ran out a week ago - I meant to upgrade to the three-year AppleCare before the end of the year and am now too late. Whoops.)


Keith - The power button on my MBP does NOT sink to one side. It doesn’t sink at all.

However, thanks to your message about your problem with this, I now THINK the button might be sinking.

Damn you!


With all my problems, you want I should get paranoid over,`SINKIN POWER BUTTONS!! schischhhh!!! :open_mouth:
Le D :imp:

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You’ll never get out alive…

God’s away. God’s away. God’s Away on business. Business!

[size=59]With apologies to Tom Waits.[/size]

:open_mouth: wont me or vic-k wot sed at, Boss! It wosat French geezer :blush:

My power button levitates.

Yeah!!..but look who it belongs to :open_mouth:

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“Sinkin’ Buttons! We don need no Sinkin’ Buttons!”


Is sinkin catchin? What about shrinkin? Doesn`t bear thinkin, about.:blush:

Le`D :smiling_imp:


It is actually a very common occurrence.

now I come to think about it… the cat keeps sticking her head round the back of iMac and giving me funny looks after she does. Do you think she`s trying to ell me something :open_mouth:

No, that’s just the moldy sandwich you left there last month.

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Let’s just count the serious, helpful replies… Let’s just count them… Sigh

Since your opening post, I expect that there are many visitor to Scrivs forums, that are now aware of the problem with MBP power buttons. Despite its overtly juvenile content, this thread has performed a valuable service, well two actually: a) alerting folk to the nature and magnitude of the problem; b) affording a silly interlude`, moment to most of the contributors.

Consequent to reading your initial post, and in spite of mine, Ive read numerous reports all over the shop. If youve had that effect on the ships idiot, how much more of positive effect, have you had on the more enlightened`, crew members.

Why does helpful, have to be serious?

Take care

Don’t worry, I was only jokin’, Mr K., I weren’t a being serious, like.

How can anyone be serious when they have a sinking power button!

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