Siri and Scrivener ?

I’m a fan of Siri, reading my novel chapters on the iPad Pro and Scrivener for iOs. The voice sounds brilliant and I like to listen to my manuscript as a last check before it goes to the editors and lectors.
On the Mac it doesn’t work that way yet and I have to use the system default “Anna”. :mrgreen:
Is there a way to integrate Siri for reading on Scrivener 3 for Mac?

I don’t think there’s any way of doing this, is there? macOS has a built-in speech feature, which Scrivener uses; I don’t think there’s anyway to tell Siri to read anything. Have you seen this in other macOS apps?

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Yes, I let Siri read my manuscript on the iPad already, which works fine and the voice sounds much more natural than “Anna” or the other generic system voices.
On the Mac for example Siri can read notes from the note app. So if I copy text from Scrivener to the note app, Siri can read it but I was wondering if there is a way to integrate that into Scrivener. Of course, the system voices are fine and there is no complain from my end. However, maybe theres an easy way to make us say: “Hey Siri, read my manuscript” or something like that. :slight_smile:


I just looked up how to get Siri to read text on the Mac, and all I can see is to turn it on via Accessibility. But when I do that, all I get is the regular system voice, the same as if I use “Start Speaking”. Can you please explain exactly how you get Siri to read from Notes app?

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I like using Siri’s voice to read my manuscript, as well. What I do is select a portion of the text and click “option” and “ESC,” and Siri reads the selected text. I think I set it up on the System Preferences Accessibility to use Siri to read the text aloud. I’d love it if I could use the Speech command within Scrivener to do this, but this workaround works OK.