ummm … has anyone else noticed that siri is more hype that reality?

maybe it’s just that siri can’t understand a southwestern united states accent, but it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth for me. i’ve seen ads that portray siri understanding and responding to all commands. but me? i have trouble getting the blamed thing to make a call for me. sometimes, it works. but i find it’s usefulness spotty, at best.

Just like all voice recognition you have to find the compromise point. For me it means doing single steps vs comprehensive statements. Ex: daughter can say “call mom at home” but I have to say “call”, “snort”, “home”. Keep in mind that most folks north of “the line” don’t think I have much of an accent and all the folks south of the line call me a “dirty rotten traitor”.

And as an added “I hear ya” it took me about a month to get that ***ch to figure out what “reminder” meant. She kept coming up with