Site slowdown


I frequently can’t get onto the site or the forum - I get a “site down for maintenance or capacity problems” message. If I can get on (like just now) it’s so slow it’s unusable.

Just wondering if it’s my end or yours?


Is anyone else having problems? Would love to know!


Keep your shirt on! I’ve been trying to reply for three hours :wink:

I also get a bunch of errors, usually 503:Service Unavailable. But sometimes I also get a message indicating they know the site is being hammered.

Sometimes pages load, but the browser isn’t getting timestamps so it can use the cache, and not all data gets sent from the web server. At least we can safely say Scrivener is very popular :slight_smile:

From their twitter account, it seems that they are in the process of upgrading their servers.

Hey thanks for that guys! I was definitely getting paranoid. (Twitter - now why didn’t I think of that).


All right, it looks like site speed finally kicked in! We did initiate an upgrade, as you saw from Twitter, but it was a little less seamless than advertised. :slight_smile:

Looks like things are running much more smoothly now, cross fingers!

This sort of thing is why I keep two domains handy. To calculate the time it takes, double the number and move one unit up :slight_smile:

DreamHost also has an outage forum for its users, and the company guarantees they will NOT read or respond to comments. Boy, you should see the complaints there! People say that outages are frequent and they are moving to other hosts. … /#comments

If you are using Dreamhosts stop it at once, they are useless to a near-Olympic standard.

I am a very satisfied customer of Linode, if you have people who are able to set up a virtual machine from scratch then they are the best! If you don’t have such people then, ahem!, I can help.


Linode gets recommendations from people I know too. Not personally used them, as I run my own server+VMs. Hetzner is my choice, and they also offer various servers for different levels of expertise. Network response from them (in Germany) to me (in Norway) is incredible.

They’ve got us up and running smoothly now, so we’ll see how it goes. The thing about Dreamhost is that when things run smoothly, it’s really, really easy to manage - we don’t have anyone who’s a real network or server expert, and can’t afford anyone, so easy and cheap is good (until we conquer the world, of course…).

Thanks for the recommendations, though - we’ll be sure to check out Linode.