SITUATION CRITICAL - I need all the help i can get!

okay -
this story in detail is far toolong to tell, so we’re going to skip the B.S. and boiul down to the bottomn line…

I lost my entire main boot partition on my coreduo macbookpro and I lost my external drive ful.l of my most recent disk images 5 minutes later.

However - my Scrivener projerct files are so important (i keep one for all my major blogs as well as an individual project file for all 7 trilogies i have in progress, though 5 are still just outlines in long hand form. Most of those are lost forever, but thats okay because they needed nerw outlines and new draft anyway… but my websites are far more critical because they are professional level blogs that im very closwe to making serious money with andall my posts that havent been addeed are in sdcrivener peroject files… but i was smart with those i backed them up and stuck them on a USB key. However when I extracted the .zips and opened them all i got were project fles with two or three trash cans and no viable data. i need to know whaty to do and i need to know ASAP because if i fail to recover data from those backups i stand to lose the first 4-7,000 ive ever had a chance to make blogging writing not just for my own sites but for otthers as a guest columniat. Can anyone pleasew help me? If ANYBODY thinks that they can dont hesitate to contact me whenever – and i do mean whenever - because this is mission critical backup fata that i need. i mean… if ultimately they are unusable i will just have to find other freel;ance work but i could sure as hell use the money to buy myself a fast macpro with 8 gig of ram so i van run dragon naturally speaking pro 9.5 nd vista via bootcamp and then cut and paste or use something - aanything - parallels and then store the actuakl content in scrivener because therews no writing projerct in the world i would take without scrivener with me. Its that important.

…and keith if your listening - your software is the creative application designed for writers by which all otheers should be compared as THE benchmark app for serious bigtime writers.


Please… annybody - everybody… my future depends on those backup zips

I’m not sure what is going on with your backups. The multiple trash can thing and an empty project sounds like you are trying to open a Scrivener project made in a newer version than what you are trying to open them with. The current release version of Scrivener cannot, and will damage, project files that have been created with the beta version. Is it possible that in recovering your system, you installed an older version of Scrivener by accident?

You could try getting the latest beta version, re-extract from the zip files (forget the ones you already tried to open), and see if that works.

Secondly: If your data is worth money, it might be worth taking your drive to a data recovery service. It isn’t cheap, but if you stand to lose a few thousand, it can be worth it. They can go in and pull data out of drives that have even been physically broken.

Third: It is your perogative, but it is generally a bad idea to post your telephone number in a public place on the Internet. If you want, and you can no longer edit the post, let me know and I’ll remove it.


I have nothing to add To AmberV’s post, but I wanted to wish you all the best of luck with recovering your data. Please let us know when it is all over.