Six Pack!

Yes I am a Steelers fan. Yes they won the Super Bowl. Yes they set the record for the longest play in Superbowl History (100 yard interception for a touchdown). Yes they now have won the Superbowl six times and now posses 6 Superbowl Rings (Sixpack) Yes the Steelers hold the NFL record for winning the most superbowls out of all the teams in the NFL. (The only team to win 6) Yes the cardinals put up a good fight. Yes the cardinals set a superbowl record for the biggest come back. Yes the cardinals lost. Yes many cardnial fans are boo hooing about the officals.

Doesn’t matter

Six pack!


I’m a happy bird

wots a Superbowl? :confused: Can y wash y` feet in it?

Its so big you can wash your whole body… here in Aust and over there in the mother country (why is it that Britain is the motherland, but Germany is the fatherland?) we call it a ‘bath’.

Probably something to do with the birdsn bees, and cross-pollinating :blush:

That is interesting, as it is “mother Russia” as well. Here we don’t really think of “mother/father” land but we universally see our freedoms as feminine and our government as masculine (Lady Liberty, Uncle Sam, Tax Man, Madame Justice). I believe these monikers predate the statuary and posters to which we attribute these names. I am too lazy to verify that though.

Quite frankly, I would prefer to think of my “place of birth” as a feminine figure rather than a masculine one. Who ever heard of fathers giving birth? Then again this may explain quite a lot…

Good man!! Now! I think we are beginning to see some benefit from your treatment. It`s your thinking that usually sends things pear-shaped. Best not to try.
Do take care
Dr Mulality

Funny, A three legged, one eyed, table lounging, drunken dog finding fault with another’s laziness.

Oxymoron or irony?


Agreed. Oxyny doesn’t roll off the tongue quite right.


What would “Dead Beat Dads” fall under?

Oh and the Superbowl is the family time when you rate commercials on TV.