Size errors in compile

I’m getting a couple of issues to do with errant text sizing in my compiled document. Thankfully they are rare and I can deal with them, but I thought I’d report it and see whether there were any remaining known issues that could cause this and if there are fixes.

It seems to be occurring where I have an image with a caption above it. The captions are size 10 and the regular text is size 12. The normal text resumes after the image, and in Scrivener it is all the correct size. On compile however, the text after the image comes out as size 10, but it reverts to 12 after a footnote. I’ve attached a screenshot with annotations showing this. The footnote is the point at which the text returns to the correct size. To test this, I moved the location of the footnote in the text, that so moved the point at which the text returns to size 12.

At other times a paragraph after an inserted image will all be in size 10, especially if it contains no footnotes. The text will return to the correct size in the next paragraph.

It’s as if scrivener does sizes by saying for each new element ‘Your size is x’, and so when it gets to the caption it says ‘your size is 10’, and when it gets to the next paragraph however, it forgets to tell it that it’s size 12 again, and it thereby inherits size information from the previous element, in this case the caption (I imagine images aren’t associated with sizes for this purpose, but they might interfere with this process). Then, it gets to the start of the footnote whereupon it says ‘Size 10’ which of course changes nothing, but at the completion of the footnote, it says ‘size 12’ and so it returns to normal.

In 2.4.1 there was a bug with the keep with next formatting function that caused similar problems in the output, especially with sizing. Maybe this is a related bug? The KWN bug has been solved in 2.5 I am told, although I haven’t tested it much yet.
Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 11.18.32 AM.png

I should also add that this isn’t categorical; not every captioned image will result in a size issue, but it’s consistently happening in this particular location, so I’m trying to figure out what’s different about this image.

What output is this? RTF, PDF, something else? And if PDF (or Printing), is it using “Proofing” or “Publishing” layout? Could you possibly send a sample project that has the issue and point out where it’s happening. My guess is that it’s a bug in the RTF code (which is used for generating RTF, .doc, .docx, .odt and PDF and print-outs when using “Proofing”).
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RTF output, although I can’t say whether it’s the proofing or publishing layout.

Curiously however, now I can’t replicate it. I keep trying to put in the same images that I had earlier, and have the same configuration of formatting, keep with next, etc., but so far no dice.

If and when it happens again I’ll zip up my project post haste and email it.

Great, thanks - it definitely sounds like a bug in the custom RTF creator, then, so if you can reproduce it let me know.
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