Size Limit?

I am just wondering if there’s a size limit for a Scrivener file. My current WIP is approximately 18.69Gig large.

It depends on your hardware, but generally people start to see performance issues once the project gets above 5GB or so.

Much depends on exactly how the project is structured. Scrivener is designed so that it only loads the files that you’re actively using at any given moment. You can have very large research files with minimal impact on writing and editing of the manuscript. If, on the other hand, you have a large manuscript with a lot of images, and try to load the whole thing into a single Scrivenings session, you are quite likely to run into problems.

You should be aware that a larger project will take longer to back up, longer to index, and longer to synchronize with other systems.

For large research collections, it often makes more sense to use the Import -> Research Files as Aliases command to place the research materials outside of the Scrivener project itself.


The only time I’ve experienced any issue is when I am doing a backup. It takes a long time, and I guess that’s to be expected. So that I am understanding this correctly, what you’re saying is that if I do not have insert random PDF file here loaded up (as in actively scrolling) and it’s just sitting in the research or specific character Tab, the size isn’t going to be an issue. Am I correct?