Size of chapter numbering?

I’m using <$n> to put the chapter numbers in at the beginning of each chapter. At the moment the numbers appear in the same size as the text. Is there any way to make the chapter numbers larger?

Thanks for your help. Long live Scrivener :slight_smile:

There are all sorts of things like this that can be accomplished at compile-time, if you organize your manuscript in a logical heirarchy, such as folders which contain the files that make up each chapter. If you organize like that, then at compile-time, you can have Scrivener automatically insert chapter titles, numbers, page breaks, scene separators, and have it set the font however you like, across the entire manuscript for each level of the hierarchy.

Try exploring your Compile settings, and go ahead and compile to PDF or some other document format to see the results, and how you can change them all in one central location. This includes the ability to insert “<$n>” at the beginning of every folder in your draft with whatever font & font size you want, and then later change your mind and have it formatted as “CHAPTER <$N>” or “My highest-numbered chapter yet: Chapter <$R>” without going through your project and editing the same thing over-and-over.

In the compiler: the prefix, title, and suffix can all be independently styled. So if you want a smaller or larger chapter number you could put it the prefix field. You wouldn’t be able to style the “Chapter” part of it to be smaller than the number though, since it would be in the same prefix field, but you can definitely have “Chapter <$n>” at one size and the title another.

I was just playing with that under windows, and I noticed that I couldn’t remove the “Title” part, if I only wanted “Chapter <$n>”. Is there an easy way to just have the compile setting include only “Chapter <$n>” without also including the name of the folder?

If i did want to use titles, I’m curious about the Case settings for Title, Title Prefix and Title suffix. I didn’t see anything in the manual about them. How does one create a title prefix or suffix in Scrivener?

Yeah, it looks like atomic formatting control does not yet exist in the title pieces yet. That might be an oversight, so I’ll make sure Lee knows of it. Likewise with being unable to emit prefix and suffix independently of the Binder title.

Windows PDF is way out of date at this point. Once I’m done with the Scrivener 2.1 PDF, getting the Windows manual up to spec is my highest priority. But in fact I don’t think even the Mac PDF talks about case; that was added right toward the end of the 2.0.5 release cycle and something last minute things are hard to get in. They are documented at this point, and will be publicly so, soon.

I can see how to put in <$N> in the compile settings but I can’t see how to change the font size.

Once you select the Level 1+ (or whatever level you are working with) and click Modify, just click on the light blue capital A, to the left of the B(old) and I(talic) settings. The A will bring up a font selector, where you can play with the font settings.