Size of image files

Mac question
In the course of my research for a biography I’ve made a project to enter material from various books related to my subject. I’ve pasted in a fair amount of text, but also pasted in a couple of photos copy-and-pasted from Photoshop Elements.
Since doing this, working in the surrounding text has slowed right down. Can you tell me why this is, and possibly give me a solution?

It’s possibly down to the image sizes. The OS X text system that Scrivener uses can slow down if it contains either lots and lots of images or some images with a large file size.

There are a couple of potential solutions.

The first is to reduce the file size of the images. This will involve opening the images in Photoshop Elements and saving them at a smaller size and resolution, then replacing the images in your text with the reduced-size ones.

If you require the images to be large, though, another solution is to store them in the binder instead of in the text. You can then use the <$img:…> tag to have the images inserted at Compile time. (See Help > Placeholder Tags List… for information on how to use the <$img:…> tag in this manner.)

Hope that helps.

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Thanks, great solutions. I’ll try both.