Size of inline images

I inserted some jpeg images in my Kindle Ebook. Some are too small to look good, others are too big to show up in the compiled output. What is the recommended size?

BTW I could not find this in the documentation. Anyway, it would be nice if the software gave a warning when trying to insert an image that is either too big or too small.

If you double-click on the images, you get a dialog that lets you enlarge or reduce the images. Be sure to keep the “lock aspect ratio” choice ticked.

It’s a bit of a guessing game, but I turned on Page view and then adjusted my images so they fit the page and did not allow too much white space before or after.

I think we have to bear in mind that creating e-books is a very new aspect of Scrivener as software. In my view, it does an outstanding job.

It’s not so much that, but rather that when you place an image in Scrivener, Scrivener has no idea whether you intend it to be compiled for epub or anything else - even if your Compile settings are set up for epub, you might change that. Also, you might want some small images and some large images.

We don’t document the recommended epub or Kindle image settings in our documentation because these things are always changing, and you should generally refer to epub guides - particularly best practice guides for the platform you are targeting (Adobe has one, Apple has one) - for information. Whereas many guides now recommend images no larger than 600x800, they all tend to stress that this is based on current and past devices and that this limit is recommendation is likely to increase in the near future. With an HD version of the iPad on the horizon, I’m sure these recommendations will soon double for the iPad. It wouldn’t be good for Scrivener to try to limit image sizes, as you could then be dependant on Scrivener updates to support upcoming or new e-reader platforms.

You only generally need to worry about this with epub export, too - Kindlegen should automatically resize large images for the Kindle.

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