Size of Project file

I’ve now copied 15 chapters of my novel into the Scrivener project, and taken between 3 and 6 snapshots of each chapter.

Yet every time I check the Scrivener file, it remains resolutely 894k … even after adding new chapters and snapshotting them. Opening the project contents, all the snapshots seem to be there, but why doesn’t the main project file grow any larger?

The thing you call “the main project” only contains a kind of table of contents over the project. Every document in the Binder is a single file.

Yes, Tid, to fret about what you are fretting about, you should be looking at the size of the project file (.scriv) itself. Sounds like you cracked open the project file instead and interrogated its innards.

It IS the overall .scriv file I’m talking about! (I did have a peek inside the “package contents” to see the snapshots etc - I can see all the individual document and snapshot files there).

Oh! Yes, that is puzzling.

Any chance the project you have open and have been editing is not the same copy of the project as the .scriv file you are looking at in the Finder?

Some people who have the habit of opening their projects always through the Recents menu, not launching the project file itself from the Finder, have been known to sometimes end up working in a copy of their project located elsewhere on their hard drive without realizing it. (How exactly they end up in the situation varies with the case.)

Not likely, I suppose, but that’s all I’ve got. Someone with actual knowledge is bound to come along. :slight_smile:


I’ve found something out, which is still puzzling me, but shows I wasn’t in dreamland…

If I look in Finder, it shows the Project .scriv file is now 2.4MB (which seems about right). However, in PATHFINDER (which is my ‘superior to Finder’ alternative) it still shows as 894k. It appears that Pathfinder and Scrivener don’t mesh cleanly with each other.

It shows that Pathfinder doesn’t get or present accurate info from the file system. It’s not likely a Scrivener thing at all because Scrivener only uses the file system, it doesn’t control it.

Ah-ha, a third-party tool was in the mix! I have to agree with Lunk. This is entirely down to Pathfinder.

Apps don’t talk to Pathfinder and Pathfinder does not talk to apps. Pathfinder would be built from OS system function calls – the same sort of functions Finder uses, presumably. (Though the Finder probably has proprietary function calls that Pathfinder can’t use.)

I am going to guess that Pathfinder has the same weakness when it comes to packages generally – any packages which change size. Most of your software doesn’t use packages as its basic file type, so you never noticed this before. Apps are packages, but you would not normally be looking to see if their size was changing – and they often don’t change much. Your Photos library is a package, but again, you probably never wondered if it was growing or shrinking appropriately when you were adding and deleting photos.

The other possibility, since a package is just a special kind of folder, is that Pathfinder actually doesn’t always report the current/correct size of folders quite generally. The Finder only (re)calculates the size of folders on demand – presumably so as not to waste compute cycles unnecessarily. So, for example, if Pathfinder is just asking the OS to report the size the OS has on record, it would be getting only the last computed folder size. Or again, it could exhibit this behavior just with respect to packages. Not sure why it would be doing it that way, but at least we see here the possibility of a loophole.

Anyway, glad you figured it out!


Cool. That must be the answer then. (Since restarting my computer, Pathfinder now shows the latest size of the .scriv project, but it may ‘stick’ at that size for a long while yet!)