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A small request for a change in Scrivener: the search window is huge and always have to resize it, to see my actual text (plus there’s a lot of screen distance to cover to click on the next or previous buttons. Sometimes these are even off screen because the window is displayed so big. I have to resize it every time I used it. There’s no point, I think, in making it so big and it should be easy to make it smaller in a next update?

Hi Tobias,

Because there are so many way of searching something in Scrivener, mentioning a “Search window” doesn’t ring a bell: is it Quick Search, Project Find, Project Replace, or Find by Formatting that you’re talking about?

Can you present a screenshot showing that it’s huge? On my screen they’re not that big…

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I was able to mess up the size of Edit / Find / Find...

If you call upon that search popup function (and it is likely true for others as well) and then leave it in the background once you are done with it, Scrivener doesn’t store its size as part of the display settings for the next time you launch the app.

Try this:
Call upon that search popup and size it the way you want it to be.
Close it (not hide it – don’t just click in the editor when done ; which is what I suppose your were doing).
Close Scrivener.
Relaunch Scrivener : the window should be of the right dimensions ; and stick to it until you resize it again. You should now be able to use it as you were using it before, but without the hugeness.

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i just found out i never responded further to this thread.
it worked like vincent suggested (though it’s still erratic). thank you!

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