Size Problem with Compile

I am having this odd bug with the pop up for the compiler. It’s too large for my screen, bleeding off into the unknown, and won’t allow me to resize it by any method I know.
Every other instance that I’ve used it, it hasn’t been like this. I also restarted the program when I noticed this, but it made no difference.
Using Windows 7 OS. Let me know if there’s anything else you need to help me out with this.


This looks like a bug I tracked down a little while ago (on our list to fix for the next update), where lengthy titles or paths to images in the binder cause the compile dialog to widen as you’re seeing it as a result of the full path being displayed in the menu for ebook covers. (This occurs even when you’re not set to compile to an ebook format.) Look for any imported images deeply nested in the binder or in a hierarchy of lengthy titles, e.g. Really Important Research Information > Those Photographs I Took In Paris > Grandpa Standing By The Eiffel Tower. Shortening the titles in the chain or temporarily moving the images out to the root level of the binder should fix the dialog width problem after you’ve closed and reopened the project.

MM, thanks for the suggestion. I tried it out and unfortunately it didn’t work out for me. Maybe I’m missing something along the way?

First question, what do you mean the ‘root level of the binder’? Does that include the Research folder?

Additionally, does this bug only apply to long image names or can it be any long name? I have literally two cards in the Draft folder and neither have images. In my Research folder, I’ve got one or two images with short names. I’ve had another project with much longer card titles and it didn’t have this error. :question:

After a point, this feels like a ‘lottery’ bug, and I happen to hit the jackpot on mine being a little screwy for this one project. :frowning:

Root level means anything that isn’t a subdocument. Draft, Research, Trash and any other folders or files you place as siblings to those are all at the root level. The point here was just that it’s the long path to the image that is causing the problem, so moving the image to the top level would get rid of that long path.

I did mean just images, as the problem was that the entire image path would get printed into the drop-down menu for the ebook cover images and thus expand the dialog, so non-image files wouldn’t affect this. The image name itself could be short if it was deeply nested in your binder structure, and the image could be anywhere in the binder. This doesn’t include images inserted into your text, just those that are actually listed in the binder.

Do you recall any changes you made in the project between when the compile dialog appeared normally and when it grew unnaturally wide? It’s certainly something project specific affecting this, since the dialog is correct in your other projects, and if it isn’t the image path problem we may just need to poke at it a little to see what else might be causing an issue. Have you tried saving your compile settings into a preset (the “Save Preset” button in the expanded compile pane) and then choosing “Original” from the Format As drop-down to reset everything? If the issue is a buggy compile setting, that might fix it–I’d try that, save the new settings, then close and reopen the project and reopen compile to see if it made a difference.