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Hello all,
have just started using new release after long non-writing absence (since 018!).
I’m sorry that I think this question has been asked before but I can’t find the post and I remember Lee you said you couldn’t reproduce it, so here’s a screenshot

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On opening, Scrivener opens as non-maximised but on my screen this is actually larger than maximised and lots of crucial bits get lost under the tray at the bottom.

Maximising fixes this of course and resizing is possible from the LHS of scriv but it took me AGES as a new user to work out what was going on and scrivener seemed difficult and not all that useful till I found those low down buttons! (and I only worked it out because my tray is a bit transparent as you can see)

It’s not very serious but it’s the kind of thing that a new (paying) user who’s not very tecky (like lil ole me) could get really confused/annoyed by. So can Scriv default to a smaller window size on opening so it will fit on my screen?

I’m an evangelist for Srivener so want it to be easy and obvious for ordinary folk like myself when it goes on sale.

Hope this is useful - I know you’re doing amazing things (even tho I don’t really know what they are) and thank you thank you thank you for your amazing dedication, patience and hard work and for introducing me to a new experience - enjoying writing :wink:

I’m using windows 7 on a dell studio 1555.

All the best

Thanks Shala,

We do have this on the Known Bugs list, so it will get fixed–I agree, it’s not terribly fun, and it happens on monitors of various sizes. Lee’s got a lot on his plate but he’s diligently working through it all!

Thanks for the kind words and your enthusiasm for Scrivener!