It would be nice to have the capacity to make simple sketches in iOS scrivener. Sometimes drawing a quick sketch of an idea by hand says a thousand words. Especially with the Apple Pencil, this would make using Scrivener even better.

You can sketch in any other app, you know, and bring it into your Scrivener iOS project’s document with any text, by using Insert Picture.

Insert Picture is a little hidden; due to screen space it’s on the chain-link icon just above P and Backspace on your screen keyboard.

When you open it, it’s generous: besices Photo Library, you can bring in images from any cloud resources you have iOS apps for – iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive etc…

Have fun - lots of sketching/drawing apps out there, for different approaches. I often prefer 53 Paper for the ease, color, and look, once you get used to it, esp. the strokes. There are many others, to suit what you might like…

Kind regards,

Cool thanks!