sketching/note taking

I’m writing a novel and I do a lot of sketching (quick drawings) which I then insert into my text. I’m trying to find a way to do this quickly and smoothly–right now I sketch, take a photo of it and send it to my computer. I do have an ipad pro and pencil but I’m finding that to be a labor intensive as well. If you could share any ideas with me, I’d so appreciate it.
Thank you so very much. I love scrivener.

  1. IF you want to work from a physical drawing…

The only shortening I can imagine from a physical drawing would be the ability to get the picture directly into your computer or even straight into Scrivener, rather than snapping the photo on your phone (presumably) and sending it and then putting in scriv.

a) There is a direct-from-camera import function in Scrivener (Project > New Media File > New Picture from Camera), but getting the snapshot of your drawing this way is no doubt more awkward and the results less graphically satisfactory.

b) So, you might consider getting a dedicated peripheral that would attach to your computer directly, like a handheld scanner.*

  1. IF you want to work from a drawing on the iPad…

The ipad with pencil actually seems like a pretty ideal setup for your needs. I am assuming it is the process of getting your drawing from ipad to Scrivener that you are wishing to be more streamlined.

a) There are apps that can turn your ipad into a drawing tablet for your mac. So, if you have a suitable drawing app on your mac, you would be set to i) use the ipad to draw directly on your mac, and from that app in your mac, you could just ii) copy and paste to put the result into Scrivener. That sounds pretty sweet. (I don’t know what is the good drawing tablet app around these days. Astropad has been in that business for a while.)

b) Short of that, I would probably just use on my ipad a suitable sketching app that could save to Dropbox – which would just reduce the file transfer process to zero steps.


  • I’ve never used one of these, but it always sounded like a fun thing to have.

I think Apple’s new Universal Clipboard feature just answered your prayers. Draw on your ipad pro, Copy, then on your mac, Paste.


thank you – this was incredibly helpful