I searched but didn’t find this. Can Sketchup files be imported into Scrivener’s research bin? Such as if I give my graphics guy a description of a setting for a story and he creates a fully interactive building in Sketchup, can it then be moved into Scrivener so I can actually move around in the setting space to help focus my writing?

Scrivener won’t be able to load the file in the editor, so although you can certainly import it into the project binder (meaning that the file is saved inside the project folder, backed up with it, moved with it if you transfer the project, etc.), you will need to chose Documents > Open > Open in External Editor to view the sketch in the default application.

Another option would be to use the document or project references in the inspector to create a link to the file, so that you can open it in the default program from there. A reference is just a link to the file where it resides on your drive, external to the project, so you could continue to easily access the file from outside of Scrivener.

Thanks, MM!

 I figured it might be as simple as opening it in Sketcup directly.  Just wanted to make sure, since Scrivener has yet to disappoint.  I love it so far.