Just downloaded the Beta version and will play with and break it in a few days.
What I would like is skins. Change the appearance of the interface.
Why ?
No good reason, it would just entertain me. Each project has a changeable skin. A sci fi writer has a 1930s science fiction interface. A horror writer has one with Hammer horror and similar styles interface. You get the message.

Such an interface would amuse us as we sit in front of the screen avoiding Wikipedia, Google News and the other distractions we refuse ourselves.

I think I should get out more.


Would be a neat option to be able to develop “skins” as a plug in or theme like Firefox does…

Would be a lot of work for Team Keith though. It would take a lot of beer and cheese puffs to bribe Team Keith into taking on such a large workload for “eye candy”.

If you donate the cheese puffs and beer I will donate the steroids and the mind altering drugs. Won’t take him long then.

Being honest I thought the work of skinning could be sub contracted as most skins look alike and following OSX rules I imagined you could convert a metallic interface from one app into another.

If I am wrong I await ritual humiliation.



Sounds like a new feature for advanced procrastination noone has thought of before.

I would love this one too. you know, you can “skin” (to a limited extent) in Full Screen mode by choosing the background. I think so anyway. I don’t use Full Screen.

“Skins” is a very non-OS X thing. In any case, you can already choose the background colour for the binder, the text view, the notes view, the index card, whether the index card has lines on it, the background colour of the outliner, the background image or colour of the corkboard… And then you can save your preferences and load up different preferences if you so wish. So, to all intents and purposes, Scrivener already has “skins” - at least as far as possible on OS X without hacking the interface to look like something completely non-Mac. :slight_smile:

Could there be a way to save these preferences into a “skin file” that users can share? That way they could download the settings [aka skin file] and just load them without having to go and actually set each setting.

I guess I am asking if the settings preference file can be saved outside the SCR package and then shared with other users?

[Like Photoshop level settings and actions. You save the preference file wherever you wish and when you wish to load the settings you point to an outside pref file?]

Please do take the time to look at the Preferences pane or to check the Help file before posting - this has been available since 1.02.

Sorry Team Keith my ignorance is glaringly apparent in this.

I think I may be having to much cheese puffs and beer as of late


Cheese puffs and beer is a valid excuse, don’t worry. :slight_smile: