Skip page in Header Autonumbering (screenplay) Compile to PDF

Is there a way to skip a page using the <$p> placeholder in the Compile Header? I can do it if I exclude the Title Page but that’s functionally useless to me given that I’d then have two separate documents I’d have to edit and merge, kinda defeating the whole point of placeholders.

For some reason it’s both considering the ‘Front Matter’ a.k.a. Title Page as a ‘First Page’ and also not considering it a first page which is all sorts of confusing.

Basically all I want is page 1 of the screenplay (after the title page) to not have the number at the top but to be counted so that page two has the correct number on it.

For any section with a page break, you can eliminate headers and/or footers from the first page of the section.

Then maybe it’s because of other things I’ve done that I can’t get this to work. If I change or add a new section in any way it breaks other things. I might have to make a new post explaining my whole requirement/setup in order to figure this out though.