Skitch replacement?

I’m a very occasional user/needer of image cropping and annotating, and have not found the Mac’s Preview app very nice. I like Skitch, but with the most recent “upgrade”, I find myself in need of something that’s dead simple for creating images of a particular dimension (like for forum avatars) and annotating 8x10 color glossy photos with circles and arrows* and a paragraph in the meta-data.

  • Text is kinda important for annotating, but I prefer it to be on the “front” of the photo. The meta-data editing is not strictly needed.

Tell me about it. :frowning: I’ve been a big fan of Skitch for years, ever since it was still in private beta but I can’t use it any more. You can revert to the the older version, but it doesn’t work to well with Retina.

As for alternatives? LittleSnapper is the closest thing I’ve found. It won’t take snaps of menus (at least not without the transparency showing stuff in the background), but it lets you annotate and easily upload to FTP. I just find it less easy to use, not nearly as powerful, and yet for what I need it’s a bit overpriced. It spends its time in areas that aren’t useful to me, like replicating iPhoto. One thing it does not do that both you and I need is allow you to resize the graphic.