SkyDrive Issue?

Hi Everyone.

Process -
1 Save project on laptop to SkyDrive. Windows 8.1, 64 bit. Scriv version
2 Move to desktop. Access SkyDrive. Click on project file from 1. Error message - Project ‘project’ is incompatible with this version of Scrivener. The project at ‘C:/Users/John/SkyDrive/Creative Writing/Short Stories/Charles Two/project.scrivx’ is incompatible with this version of Scrivener.
3 Checked version on desktop = Windows 8.1. 64 bit.


I have heard that we’ve been getting reports that SkyDrive doesn’t handle batch file transfers very well, and could be damaging projects in transit since they consist of batches of files and folders. I would recommend zip compressing your project prior to putting it on your SkyDrive. When you get to the second machine, unzip the archive to a location outside of SkyDrive to work on it, and then repeat the procedure in reverse to return to the first machine.

Thanks. Hardly optimal. I’ll probably continue with dropbox, for now.

Dropbox does a lot better with ZIP compression, also.
Same for Box, GDrive, etc.
The process takes at most a few seconds. :open_mouth:

Yes, it seems something in the upgrade to 8.1 affected how SkyDrive works such that it isn’t handling Scrivener’s package format nicely any longer, so we have to recommend against it for now. It seemed all right back in 8, so perhaps whatever changed will be addressed again in the next update. We can hope…

Just mark the .scriv folder(s) within skydrive to be “Available Online”, wait a few moments for the files to be downloaded, and it’ll work.