Sleep - freeze

First I LOVE this program. It has been a lifesaver for a book project I’m working on.

I’m having problems with my computer freezing up, when I walk away with Scrivener running and the computer goes to sleep by itself. I come back and my monitor is black and nothing will wake up the computer. I’ve tried different keyboards, plugged the mouse directly into the computer, and run the diagnostics. Nothing appears to be wrong with any of these. I end up unplugging the computer and restarting it. That seems to work, but then Scrivener has to redo all its ‘strings.’

I’ve started to close out Scrivener if I’m going to be away from my computer long enough for it to go to sleep, which is a nuisance, since that is not always predictable.

Any ideas?

I’m on a new Mac Mini running 10.6.2.

Hmm, strange. I’ve never heard of anything like this happening, and I practically never shut down my computer but leave it in sleep mode all the time, with Scrivener open. Is there any other information that you can think of that might be pertinent? Are there any other programs that cause the same problem? Does this happen every time? When it happens, is Scrivener in full screen mode, normal mode, in the front or behind other applications? Does it happen after you have used full screen mode or no matter what mode you have been using? Any patterns you can spot to this behaviour would be really helpful.
Thanks and all the best,

I almost always have Firefox and mail open…excel is often open, too…

I haven’t noticed whether Scrivener is always at the front when it’s happened.

I don’t use the full screen mode…

I’ll continue to shut Scrivener down and see if it ever happens again.

Thank you,

Again, Love the program…

I think this may be some kind of Apple bug. It’s happened to me occasionally, and I usually don’t leave Scrivener running when I step away from the computer.

The computer can also take a long time to wake up – but eventually does – if I catch it at the wrong point in the screen saver -> black screen -> sleep computer continuum. (Haven’t figured out exactly what the wrong point is, but I think it’s as the black screen goes to sleep mode.)


Suggestion: hit the contrast buttons.

My computer will sometimes start up with a completely dark screen. It looks black and won’t “wake up”, but then I hit the lighten button and everything’s okay.

Thanks, I’ll try that if it happens again.

It just did it again for the first time in a while, and Scrivener wasn’t even open…a Firefox page with hulu open was, though… (and the lighten buttons didn’t help)…hulu might have been on a tab before, too…I’ll make sure to close it out in the future and see if that stops the freeze.

So, the problem does not appear to be Scrivener. Thank you for your help and suggestions, though.

Does hulu use flash?