Sleep Poll

How Many Hours Does Keith Sleep A Night?

  • 0 - Not possible for one person to do all he does and sleep
  • 1 -2
  • 3-4
  • 5-6
  • > 7

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Now that Keith’s gone, the Scriveners can play. This question has been raised in numerous posts and I have to admit a certain fascination with knowing the answer. Do I really want to trust my life’s work to a sleep-deprived pogrammer? Now there’s a question.


Haha. With 4 votes, it’s split evenly in half between none and 5-6 hours! Funny.

I’ve been feeling awful that I even suggested Scrivener (and Keith) might not be 100% trustworthy. In truth, I haven’t had a single qualm about losing work since I imported my first document. I can’t think of another program I’ve felt so comfortable with, or confident about. Ever.


Margaret and Alexandria,
Can you be really sure that Keith isn`t like me: a nocturnal, skeletal, spectral being, existing on an infusion of Laudanum, Absinth, and the blood of 18yr old virgins, whose birthdays are 1 minute to midnight on Walpurgis Eve.

If you tell me your birthdays, I may send you a card.

The Director

Hi vic-k,

Hmmm, you’re the one whose favorite font has little blood drops dripping down, aren’t you? I’m sensing a theme here…

Ah, er, no, I think I’ll keep my birthday to myself, thanks anyway…shivers… :open_mouth:


Alexandria, my Precious,
Your shyness doth becomes you so, tis no mind. Why dont you whisper Margaret’s birthday to me.
None will know; twill be our special secret.


The Director

What makes you presume that ‘Keith’ is a single person?


It’s just like you blood-sucking types to think that a girl would betray a member of her own gender just because of some smooth talker. No way, Mr. The Director. You are on your own. And you would be the first person to ever call me ‘shy.’ :smiling_imp:


Mon dieu! Alexandria, cest fantastique!! A woman possessed of a delicate shyness on the one hand, and a kick ass additood` on the other,
grrr! thats my kinda woman, DIRECTOR!!! GET BACK INSIDE NOW!!!

I`m afraid I must take you to task over the way you are flaunting yourself before The Director.

The pathetic creature needs understanding and consistency in his life , not confounding. And while were at, it! dont start flaunting yourself in french either, he doesnt understand a word of it. He gets it all off the translator widget, he thinks women like it, because they think its a sexy language, which, of course, it undeniably is…very. But that`s beside the point.

Im sorry I was a bit sharp with you Alexandria, but you really must start showing a tad more restraint and if you bump into him again, well, just ignore him, and hell go away…albeit,… with his tail between his legs…probably, and perhaps the salt encrusted track of a tear drop on his cheek but that`s life; it can be a bitch.

Bonne Nuit Alexandria,
Take care

Psstt!!! Alez mon petite, vics gone to make tea. Say something in kick ass french to me , next time.

As my old pal Hannibal Lecter would say TA TA Alexandria TA TA

Hello /Joey,
welcome to the thread (if you can call it that) If I were you, Id get the hell out of here FAST!!!! That vixen Alexandria is a flaunter and taunter, capable of the cruelest manipulations of simple mens emotional insecurities and psychological flaws. Steer clear of her.

As for Margaret, I havent met her yet, but she could be as wicked as Alexandria ( or even worse), I know not. But indeed hope not!!`

Ahhhh! fair Margaret and Alexandria, together in one thread,tis a consummation devoutly to be wishedyes… yes…mmmm…yes.


Sorry Joey , but you can see the kind of company your mixing with here.

I think its an odds on bet, that Keith is a single human being, albeit a muti-faceted personality with the combined intellectual prowess of four Einsteins and two Newtons and its this that makes people think he`s more than one man. He may have help from others, at times, but you can rest assured that he is a single entity but of complex construction.

I hope this is a stifactory answer.

Take care and take heed of my council


psst!! psst!! Joey, tis I the Director.
Joeys a nice name. Unlike my friend Vic, a simple soul, who only sees that which is placed right before his eyes; cannot read between the line( no idea what double spacingis for); has no imagination; no sense of adventure/mischief/humour; I on the other hand was wondering ,if , perhaps, Joey is infact short for Josephine`?

mmm I wonder