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Still in the demo period (I think I have 22 days left) and I’m really impressed with the very well thought out interface and the powerful features that I’ve only just scratched the surface of. One thing I really like is to evaluate a product over non-consecutive days. I’m very disabled so that 30 day countdown clock - whether you access the product or not - is very tough. I wish more shareware authors would setup their countdown timers to non-consecutive days, just like Scrivener, as it really takes the pressure off. Not everyone can work at the same pace. If you’re wiped out for 2 or 3 weeks, well there goes any sensible evaluation period.

So, top marks to Scrivener for 30 non-consec days to evaluate, this makes such a massive difference, especially if disabilities slow you right down… things just take a lot longer to explore!


Not sure if it’s frowned on to mention other products, but I’ve looked at an open source product, which although very popular amongst media professionals because it’s powerful and targeted for multi-media and multi-user projects (with a name that hints at my Cornish ancestry…) I’m still feeling more comfortable with Scrivener. I think it’s OS X specific interfacing takes a lot to beat. And I really do like the fact that you can simplify things by going full screen.

I do have one technical problem as I need to do some pre-processing in OmniOutliner and so far I can’t get Markdown imports to work well. But I think I’ll put that in the support forum not here.

Anyhow, I’ve gone through the tutorial twice and I’m slowly learning it’s powerful features, so far I have to say I’m very impressed with it. Now all I need to do is write a masterpiece when I’ve got the hang of it :mrgreen:

Well done!


Thanks for your kind words. It’s not a problem to mention other software - I believe you are talking about CeltX, which is a very nice piece of software (though more specifically geared toward scriptwriters, I believe?).

As for OmniOutliner - the next free update of Scrivener (available early next year) has OPML import, which should make getting OO outlines into Scrivener much easier.

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P.S. Re. the Cornish ancestry - actually I just moved to Cornwall from London. Very green. And rainy.

Yup Celtx is more scripty, tho you can do plain text projects. The OPML should simply OO imports, because so far I’m totally stumped at text ending up in the header bar via MMD imports.

I moved from London to Dartmoor in Jan 2003. Tho I am still a bit homesick for Cornwall to be honest. I may return to St Agnes which I always felt was a wonderful place and where I was dragged up. YUP RAINY! It always was!

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Thats where most of Scriveners crew belong :open_mouth:
But! Nevertheless, welcome aboard Jamie. :wink:
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