slide out binder width in full screen mode

I am using the app store version of scrivener on an iMac retina. I want to go full screen and have the binder hide and come out when I want it to, but what comes out is too small to read. I know this has been discussed in the past, and an option to change it was placed in the programming. Is it still the case that it can only be changed in the non app store version?

I’d suggest going to preferences and changing the binder font.

I’m using Scrivener on an iMac 5K. I have the binder fonts set to 18 point Helvetica. chapter headings are bold. Document/scene headings are regular. It’s easily readable, but it’s a huge screen.

The composition window is 12 point Courier Final Draft at 175% magnification.

My problem is the Synopsis window in the inspector. The text is microscopic. It’s less than 2mm tall. I can read it, but not without thinking about it. Changing the synopsis font only makes it bigger in outline mode but leaves the inspector synopsis unaffected.


Eighteen is really small. I do not want to sit that close to the screen. I believe the binder width needs to be easily adjustable. I may be older than you also, and I think this is one problem with computers in general. There are too many really young people with excellent eyes designing for the entire population, which so often does not have perfect eyes.

To adjust the Binder width, click-and-drag the line between the Binder and the Editor. Note that doing so will not change the font used for the Binder. As noted, you can do that in the Scrivener -> Preferences -> Appearance pane.


I think the size of the synopsis text in the Inspector is controlled by the ‘Index Cards Text’ setting in Preferences > Corkboard, under the Fonts section.