Slide out on right containing People and Places

As I work my way through my current novel, I need to keep referencing People and Places. While both are kept neatly within the Tree structure on the left, it would be so convenient to have them pop out from the right as I need them and then quickly disappear. Perhaps I need to make a quick update or just reference how tall I made the protagonist. Having a means of quick reference without needing to open another document would really help.


(I love Scrivener. Cannot imagine trying to write without it)

This is what the Quick Reference and Bookmark features are for. See Section 12.6 in the Mac Scrivener manual for more information.


In scrivener 3, that’s easily accomplished with bookmarks. You can either add specific character documents to the bookmarks of each chapter, as needed, or you can change the bookmarks view from document to project bookmarks, so that you only have to drag your character documents into the bookmarks tab once for the whole project. Clicking on one character’s document displays its contents in the inspector, and it’s editable if you need to make additional notes.

When in full screen mode, you can set Scrivener to auto-hide the inspector when your mouse cursor isn’t at the right edge of the screen.

Well, hot diggidy.

You learn something every day.