Slightly different search behabior?

I’ve noticed a few times when I use the all-project search function that I feel a little bump when I look inside one of the documents on the hits list. Often, it’s too long for me to see immediately where my search term occurs in that text, so I have to use command-F to get where I want to be.

The bump is that the search term in the Command-F window is not the search term in the global window – it is the last thing I searched for using Command-F. So I often have to retype.

Not a big bump, but there it is. I think it’d be great to be able to make the command-F search text match the global search text.

Anyone else have the same wish?

Still using Scrivener every day, still loving this app.


I do not see the merit in combining the two tools. One is for searching in documents, the other is for searching the whole project. It makes sense to keep them separated. What I think would be more useful is simply to make project search more powerful, in the future. Make it something like TextMate’s project search, or BBEdits multi-file search (neither of these programs integrate document level searching with project level searching).

But, one thing you can do to make your life a bit easier in the present tense: Cmd-E is your friend! This takes the current selection and loads it into the find mechanism. You needn’t bring up the Find window, you can just use Cmd-G and Cmd-Shift-G to go back and forth between hits. This trick even works in the project search field.

So, type in your search query, press Cmd-A to select all, and then Cmd-E. Now you can click on documents in the search results and Cmd-G to flip through results. Remember you can also form an Edit Scrivening session out of search results. This way, you can flip through all project search hits.

Nice! Thank you very much!